Small Update Written by: Noxious, 18th March 2020.

With only three days to launch, we'd like to give you a quick update on our progress and on a little change coming for the duration of patch 3.2

- Since we want to keep 3.2 shorter than it was on retail, honor and arena point gain will be doubled for the duration of the patch.

- In the same vein, we will be enabling 2v2 soloqueue, to make it easy to participate in rated arena for everyone. We will also announce the end-of-season reward scheme shortly.

- We will also be exempting the following items from the inventory purge: Hearthstone (so you do not have to fly to Dalaran), keys (to keep your access to dungeons and raids) and T3 sets (bought in the past as a donation-only option)

- A client download will be available shortly, ahead of the website's release

That's all I have to share with you for now; keep an eye out for more announcements, the the end [of the wait] is nigh!

The Eternium Staff

Latest news Written by: Noxious, 8th March 2020.

Exodus launches March 21st, 18:00 GMT+1!

We will be keeping you posted on our progress in these last two weeks pre-launch, but let's talk about what we've done so far!

First, let's talk about the database merge. Our first merge has so far been a success - all the characters are in the game and there have been no crashes. We will poke and prod several facets of the game in the coming days to make sure the realm is stable and there are no errors being overlooked.

We have also received questions on how accounts with identical names are being handled. If you had an account called "Noxious" on OmegaWoW and another account, with the same name, on AnotherWay, one of these accounts will be called "Noxious1" on Exodus. All other account details will remain unchanged.

The final version of server rates has remained unchanged: 7x XP. 3x Reputations, 3x Professions, 3x World Drops. 1x Honor/Arena Point/Boss Loot Gain/Drop.

These rates will also be identical on the TBC realm. We are happy to say TBC development is going great, and we expect to have a beta test scheduled shorty after Exodus launches, and we are working to have the realm launched before the end of May! has evolved! The website now contains more information, and is halfway to the final version. We have the final version of the site ready, but it is currently undergoing security tests. Once those security tests are complete and we are certain there is no risk of hacking, the full website will be released.

As we mentioned, gear (among other things) will be reset to bring everyone to the same power level. You can see the gear sets you will be able to choose from here: click (updated list!)

We hope you're as excited as we are for the coming launch. As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask on our Discord!

The Eternium Staff