Changelog #42 02/17/2020

[_Steven_] Measuring world records in ms instead of seconds.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Ignis adds will despawn when out of combat.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Correct Razorscale 25man melee damage.
[_Steven_] [Roxie] Ulduar: Update melee dmg of every creature in Ulduar map on raw retail data from 3.1.0.
[_Steven_] Pet bars won't be missing after UI reload.
[_Steven_] Fix Darkmoon Card: Berserker procing from heals.

Changelog #41 02/09/2020

[_Steven_] Fix for Emalon 25 drop Valor instead of Conquests.
[_Steven_] Change Hodir Hard Mode from 2 minutes to 3 minutes.

Changelog #40 02/08/2020

[_Steven_] Attempt to fix charge sometimes working wrong.
[_Steven_] Remove negative auras on bg/arena leave.
[_Steven_] Fix Intervene on cfbg.
[_Steven_] Implement encounter records for T8 content.
[Roxie] Change time of delivery mail between players from 1 hour to 1 minute.
[Roxie] Allow to speak in guild and raids while player's muted.

Changelog #39 02/06/2020

[_Steven_] Ulduar: Fix Expedition Commander gossip on Razorscale encounter, now can be started.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Fix Kologarn client crash.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Fix "Overload Visual" NPC attacking players in Iron Council encounter.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Ancient Conversators will now spawn mushrooms in Freya encounter.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Outside bomb bots wont aggro through walls in Mimiron encounter.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Bomb bots will move on phase 3 during Mimiron encounter.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Lightning Orbs from pillars will deal damage on Thorim encounter.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Fix Runic Smash mechanic on Thorim encounter.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Improve check for water when spawning Scorch on Ignis encounter.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Improve Scrap Pile selecting during XT-002 encounter.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Reduce amount of pyrite spawning on Flame Leviathan encounter.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Correct RX-214 Repair-o-matic Station sometimes not giving pyrite.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Winter Jormungars mobs from snow piles will spawn one after another instead of all at once.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Pets won't aggro through 1st miniboss door in Thorim gauntlet.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Improve Thorim Stormhammer targeting, it will not choose players in gauntlet.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Fix Auriaya cats not spawning sometimes.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Fix Chamber Overseer Displacement Device not attacking and missing visual.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Fix Yogg-Saron tentacles sometimes spawning inside portals.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Shadow Beacon will be used only on 0k in Yogg-Saron encounter.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Immortal Guardians will now change name to Marked Immortal Guardians when targeted by Shadow Beacon.

Changelog #38 01/30/2020

[Roxie] Enable 30% buff at Ulduar for final tests.
[Roxie] Implement Custom World Data handling for features such as custom arena distribution (e.g 3 times a week) or battlefield reminder.
- Fix for the battlefield reminder and update the remind timer from 15 minutes to 5 minutes
- Implement the new auto arena distribution system based on custom world data handling.
- CustomMgr cleanup; move custom modules to separate function instead calling them one by one at world loading.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Volkhan will cast Shattering Stomp under 25% hp.
[_Steven_] Halls of Lightning:
- Bjarngrim will use emotes properly.
- Volkhan will use emotes properly.
- Arcing Burn will now stack properly.
- Rewrite Titanium Siegebreaker and Thunderer scripts.
[_Steven_] Elemental NPCs will despawn during wintergrasp battle.
[_Steven_] There will be "Immune" text when taunting totems.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Improve scrap pile selector in XT-002 Destructor encounter.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Improve check if scorch is in water (Ignis the Furnace Master encounter).
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Winter Jormungars won't spawn all at once from Snow Mound.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Fix pets aggroing through door behind 1st miniboss in Thorim gauntlet.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Improve Stormhammer target selection.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Overload Visual won't attack.
[_Steven_] Add localdefense message when killing wintergrasp guards.
[_Steven_] Allow to share completed quests.
[_Steven_] Attempting to join BG in combat won't unqueue player.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Fix Auriaya sometimes despawning after pull.
[_Steven_] Increase pyrite respawn timer.
[_Steven_] Ulduar: Fix RX-214 Repair-o-matic Station sometimes not giving full pyrite.
[_Steven_] Dismount player on entering battleground.
[_Steven_] Don't allow to switch weapons on disarm/mind control.
[_Steven_] Boss images improvements.
[_Steven_] Charge improvements.

Changelog #37 01/24/2020

[Roxie] Ulduar BETA - Disable loot, achievements and reputation gain.
[Roxie] Ulduar BETA - Players: Health increased by 30%. Healing and absorption effects increased by 30%. Damage dealt increased by 30%.
[_Steven_] Fix Nitro Boots failing in battlegrounds, add possibility to backfire without flying in air, add possibility to sometimes parachute when launched in air.
[_Steven_] Fix Dalaran boss images.
[_Steven_] Fix Ticking Time Bomb in Utgarde Keep.
[_Steven_] Disable requeuing for bgs.
[_Steven_] Fix Frost Strike not blockable.
[_Steven_] Correct charge interpolation.

Changelog #36 01/21/2020

[Roxie] Implement handling for Royal Levelup & Profession boost tokens.
[Roxie] Fix arena flush schedule
[_Steven_] Interpolate movement on Charge/Intervene/Intercept.
[_Steven_] Fix Risen Drakkari Bat Rider flying in combat.
[_Steven_] Correct Achievements and joining as group for crossfaction bgs.
[_Steven_] Correct Death Grip arc in air.
[_Steven_] Don't allow to enter battlegrounds in combat.
[_Steven_] A Delicate Touch followup.
[_Steven_] Rewrite 'A Delicate Touch' quest.
[_Steven_] Delete Giant Darkwater Clam loot.
[_Steven_] Fix Waterlogged Recipe completion text.
[_Steven_] Fix 'Just Around the Corner' quest.
[_Steven_] Remove Sealed Vial of Poison and Waterlogged Recipe.
[_Steven_] Fix Snowfall Glade Wolvar and Crystalweb Weaver script.
[_Steven_] Fix CC auras overwriting themselves. - Caster can't be null.
[_Steven_] Fix Crystalweb Spitter script.
[_Steven_] Fix Sifreldar Runekeeper script.
[_Steven_] Fix creatures randomly turning when stunned. [_Steven_] Fix Combat Bug when attacking/casting spell at evading creature.
[_Steven_] Fix Sifreldar Storm Maiden script timer.
[_Steven_] Don't allow to teleport to dungeon when player is in combat.
[_Steven_] Boss images in dalaran will rotate.
[_Steven_] Fix Windle Sparkshine wrong orientation.
[_Steven_] Remove wrong Argent Peacekeeper spawns.
[_Steven_] Fix Violet Hold guards emotes.
[_Steven_] Boss images in dalaran won't spin.
[_Steven_] Add event on 'The Will of the Naaru' quest begin.
[_Steven_] Give proper version of 'Hellscream's Vigil' quest to player if he finished grandmothers quest chain in Nagrand.
[_Steven_] Fix objective text for "Waterlogged Recipe" quest.
[_Steven_] Fix Injured Soldiers giving credit twice in Plains of Nasam quest.
[_Steven_] Warbear Matriarch will properly show spell cooldowns.
[_Steven_] Remnant of Dahlia Suntouch shouldn't be attackable.
[_Steven_] Damage shields shouldn't keep players in combat.
[_Steven_] Fix Survival Instincts/Last Stand health gain.
[_Steven_] Sweeping Strikes won't target unattackable creatures.
[_Steven_] Retaliation will hit when someone is behind LoS.
[_Steven_] Fix Hoodoo Master Fu'jin wrong gossip.
[_Steven_] Fix Leave Wintergrasp button teleporting to start location instead of hearthstone location.
[_Steven_] Fix Captain Skyshatter race.
[_Steven_] Fix CC auras overwriting themselves.
[_Steven_] Sudden Death will proc from Execute.
[_Steven_] Training Dummies wont keep players in combat from dots.
[_Steven_] Fix Dragonmaw Subjugator giving credit twice for Infiltrating Dragonmaw Fortress quest.
[_Steven_] Dodge/Parry/Block/Immune hits will gain as much rage as normal hits.

Changelog #35 01/16/2020

[_Steven_] Allow to disable / enable premade battlegrounds.
[_Steven_] Implement Remote Access for crowns store.

Changelog #34 01/12/2020

[Roxie] Implement Crowns Drop.
[Roxie] Impement counting HK's only from Battlegrounds for BG Tournament.
[Roxie] Teleport to Moonglade - Druid missing spell for skip q class.

Changelog #33 01/10/2020

[_Steven_] Regenerate creature health to full on evade.
[_Steven_] Fix Dying Soldier/Berserker spawn hp and make them passive.
[_Steven_] Fix Infinite Eradicator attacking Future You npc.
[_Steven_] Correct Hyldsmeet Warbear spawn timer.
[_Steven_] Remove wrong Frost Giant Stormherald spawn.
[_Steven_] Fix Reanimated Abomination script.
[_Steven_] Delete duplicate Overseer Faedris spawn.
[_Steven_] Fix Wintergrasp leave button.
[_Steven_] Add drinking animation when sitting.
[_Steven_] Fix Commanding Shout logic.
[Roxie] CustomMgr bg morphfit logic.

Changelog #32 01/09/2020

[Roxie] Support for Druid forms and Totem models while playing in opposite faction at battlegrounds - it also should fix issue when druids in forms are being forced to be in opposite race display Id instead of opposite form display Id; Thanks to [Eccho] for pointing out.
[Roxie] Implement weekly reset for Royal Ring.
[Roxie] Fix for Delayed Stance Restore; update Warrior's stance after adding player to map instead of zone update.
[_Steven_] Fix Icy Touch now working through M2 textures.
[_Steven_] Correct Den Vermin and Beryl Mage Hunter AI.
[_Steven_] Creatures will always crit against sitting targets.
[_Steven_] Fix chaining for 'Vaelen Has Returned' quest.

Changelog #31 01/08/2020

[_Steven_] IsOutdoors check will be more frequent and strict, should fix "Can ony use outside" error after one step out from indoors.
[_Steven_] Fix Hebdrakkar Striker flying in combat.
[_Steven_] Intercept will now crit.
[_Steven_] Fix applying item enchants. (Major Issue #217)

Changelog #30 01/07/2020

[Roxie] Fix that players are unable to use items of own faction while they are playing in opposite faction at battlegrounds.
[Roxie] [_Steven_] Changes Restore: LoS changes followup.
[Roxie] [_Steven_] Changes Restore: Ignore M2 textures only when checking LoS for spells, fixes creatures going through textures during fleeing for assistance.
[Roxie] [_Steven_] Changes Restore: M2 models won't block Line of Sight checks.
[_Steven_] Add event for What the Cold Wind Brings quest.
[_Steven_] Heroic Strike (Ranks 10-13) will have bonus damage when target is dazed.
[_Steven_] Fix alive and floating Ruby Keeper.
[_Steven_] Fix Frostbrood Destroyer targeting self with Freezing Breath.
[_Steven_] Fix Reanimated Crusader Hammer of Injustice spell timer.

Changelog #29 01/06/2020

[_Steven_] [Roxie] Fix for dissapearing hunter pets.
[_Steven_] Fix Eidolon Watcher Phase Jump spell.
[_Steven_] Fix Skadir Raider script - will cast Freezing Trap less frequently.
[_Steven_] Ruby Keepers won't be attacked by random creatures.
[_Steven_] Reimplement large visibility for some creatures and game objects.
[_Steven_] Fix Abandoned Fuel Tank AI.
[_Steven_] LoS changes followup
[_Steven_] Heroic Throw and Shattering Throw will reset autoattack.
[_Steven_] Fix conversion rate in 'Helboar, the Other White Meat' quest.
[_Steven_] Rewrite Vacillating Voidwalker script.
[Roxie] AntiDoS: Push a little bit higher limit for WHO opcode - now players won't get disconnect after 3 or 4 multiple clicks.
[Roxie] Fix chat messages in Cross RDF - Now the player understands the language of party while is in ghost outside the dungeon.
[Roxie] Implementation of a completely new Cross Battleground system based on knowledge instead of public implementations. Solves all problems with Arenas e.g no enemy frame.

Changelog #28 01/04/2020

[Roxie] Fix for displaying bg queue status to players while Cross Faction is enabled.
[Roxie] Possible crash fix in AntiCheat.
[Roxie] Implement CustomEncounterData handling it shall fix displaying every beaten record.
[Roxie] Load Cheaters Data regardless if Custom Data is loaded.
[Roxie] Unlock .gm in command for players - now they can check if some game master is in the game.
[_Steven_] Missed melee hits wont generate rage.
[_Steven_] Fix Sweeping Strikes proccing from Rend.
[_Steven_] Fix Execute Rank 5 not consuming Sudden Death buff.
[_Steven_] Ignore M2 textures only when checking LoS for spells, fixes creatures going through textures during fleeing for assistance.
[_Steven_] Creatures shouldn't cast spells when fleeing.
[_Steven_] Player won't get autoattack stuck after attacking evading creature.
[_Steven_] [Marcelo] [Roxie] Feature: Crossfaction Battlegrounds

Changelog #27 01/03/2020

[_Steven_] Fix Ghoul leap autocasting random targets.
[_Steven_] Improve Cleave angle, now will be wider.
[Marcelo] Fix logic in Sapphiron teleport and support for 3.3 post version.
[Marcelo] Fixed exploit caused by meta gems.
[Roxie] Players which chooses to skip quest chain on DK will be teleported to Silithus in front of NPC with quest instead in front of Dark Portal.
[Roxie] Implement Royal Ring - item for double lockouts.
[Roxie] Implement CustomData Player's handling for double id reset.

Changelog #26 01/02/2020

[Roxie] Fix time of reset raids force them to 10:00 AM according to our FAQ instead of 4:00 AM.
[Roxie] Fix for displaying only new records in Encounter Records.
[Roxie] Wintergrasp Reminder cleanup, fix some logic and allow to set time of remind about the battle (default 15 minutes).

Changelog #25 12/31/2019

[_Steven_] Implement melee and AoE leeway.
[_Steven_] Fix gossip conditions in 'A Fall From Grace' quest.
[_Steven_] Fix for configuration files loading on Linux.
[_Steven_] Don't allow to switch weapons on disarm.
[_Steven_] Reimplement chain pull.
[_Steven_] Deep Wounds will proc with thrown attacks.
[_Steven_] Leash mechanic improvements, Damage Shield (warrior talent) won't keep mobs in combat forever. Dots will refresh the leash range.
[_Steven_] The first attack received while sitting will always be critical.
[_Steven_] Shield related buffs will not be removed when swapping to non-shield offhand.
[_Steven_] Improve Neltharaku speed.
[_Steven_] Improve Kel'thuzad pathing.
[_Steven_] Improvements to Sapphiron teleporters in Naxxramas.
[_Steven_] Fix Instructor Razuvious Jagged Knife.
[Marcelo] Ground Mounts now can be summoned in water.
[Marcelo] Fix Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la achievement.
[_Steven_] Fix Grobbulus Slime Spray not spawning adds on 25 man.
[_Steven_] NPCs will deal 50% weapon damage while disarmed.
[_Steven_] Critical Strike chance will properly update when switching weapons with varying skill proficiency.
[_Steven_] Sitting will give an additional 33% Health Regen from Spirit instead of 50%
[_Steven_] Victory Rush buff will be properly removed after missing.
[_Steven_] Sweeping Strikes improvements.
[_Steven_] Fix Colin pathing.
[_Steven_] Correct Utgarde Keep loot.
[_Steven_] Fix Ghazran cone spells.
[Roxie] Fix broken BG announces.
[Roxie] Implement Emblem Conversion (wrong emblems dropped by Bosses like Emblem of Triumph will auto-correct on the player to current progression e.g Triumph -> Heroism).
[Roxie] Implement Wintergrasp reminder for Alliance and Horde.
[Roxie] Implement DuelPhase (Now players in a duel would see the only opponent instead of everyone around them)
[Roxie] Implement DuelMod (Now players will get reset of cooldowns, health, and mana on each duel start).
[Roxie] Fix Encounters Records announcements display.
[Roxie] Correct time of reset daily, dungeons and battlegrounds now it should be like the FAQ says 10:00 AM instead of 06:00 AM

Changelog #24 12/28/2019

[_Steven_] Implementation of kill time on Tier 7 bosses and possibility to display them later at Hall of Fame.
[_Steven_] Fix for addon messages spam in party after Crossfaction RDF.
[_Steven_] Fix Slam/Execute miss not showing in combat log.
[_Steven_] Fix Marsh Dredger sometimes floating in air.
[_Steven_] Fix Deathforged Infernal sometimes floating.
[_Steven_] Correct Dragonmaw Peon script.
[_Steven_] Rework Battle for Undercity quest phasing.
[_Steven_] Rewrite 'The Power of the Elements' quest.
[_Steven_] Rewrite 'A Shabby Disguise' quest.
[Roxie] Auction tax reduced from neutral 15% to 5%.

Changelog #23 12/27/2019

[_Steven_] Shattered Necklace will only drop for alliance players.
[Marcelo] Ruthlessness has been fixed.
[_Steven_] M2 (objects like trees) models will not interfere with Line of Sight from now on.
[_Steven_] Players with Winter Wondervolt Costume should be able to interact with game objects from now on.
[_Steven_] Lured Colossus will not be killing Quest Gives.
[_Steven_] Dreadcaller should now behave as intended while in combat.
[_Steven_] Laying Waste to the Unwanted Quest Item range increased.
[_Steven_] Karaaz bugged quest corrected.
[_Steven_] Resources like warrior's rage will now be checked before using "on swing" skills.
[_Steven_] The Totem of Kar'dash quest improved.
[Marcelo] Players with character levels below 80 will not be able to send mails (except for players from their guild and friend list). This will prevent griefing by spamming someone's mailbox.
[Marcelo] Crossfaction for level 80 RDF is now live.
[Marcelo] Experience, Honor and WG marks boost for the Alliance has been enabled. Along with the information about it upon login.

Changelog #22 12/25/2019

[Roxie] Fixed an issue where some players couldn't start the Amphitheater of Anguish: Yggdras quest (Zul'drak Arena) despite completing Ring of Blood (Nagrand Arena) and taking the prequest "The Champion's Call" from Dalaran.
[Marcelo] Invitation to world channel will appear only once per character now.
[Marcelo] Auction House will be Cross-Faction from now on.
[Marcelo] RDF for Levels 15-79 will now be Cross-Faction to reduce the waiting times (until the realm Reaches 1k+ peak population)

Changelog #22 12/22/2019

[_Steven_] World channel will not give: player join / leave notification from now on
[_Steven_] Every character will receive an invitation to the world channel upon login
[_Steven_] Cooldown on Dungeon Finder has been fixed
[_Steven_] Dynamic Respawn has been tweaked - the creatures will not respawn too fast anymore
[_Steven_] Improved login - you should not be stuck on Connecting
[_Steven_] Death Knight chain skipping - you will not be able to skip once you complete any quest in DK area
[_Steven_] Battle for the Undercity - missing features added

Changelog #21 12/15/2019

[_Steven_] Totems won't receive negative auras.
[_Steven_] Fix rogue Ruthlessness.
[_Steven_] Living Bomb explosion won't be redirected/reflected.
[_Steven_] Fix interaction between Fingers of Frost and Frostbite.
[_Steven_] Ensure that player has full health and mana/energy on next level.
[Marcelo] Rewrite ConfusedMovementGenerator.
[Marcelo] Fix thistle tea.
[_Steven_] Add proper events for 'A Delicate Touch' quest.
[_Steven_] Fix cannons for quest 'Just Around the Corner'.
[_Steven_] Grobbulus script rewrite.
[_Steven_] Correct chicken movements in 'Flown the Coop!' quest.
[_Steven_ @Marcelo @Roxie] Release of a new database: The Avalon Gate 0.0.1 - progressive 3.0.x content

Changelog #20 12/10/2019

[_Steven_ ] Fix Orgrimmar Guards during DK quest.
[_Steven_] Correct chain pull range.
[_Steven_] Fixed The Brood of Onyxia quest, eggs will now despawn.
[_Steven_] Fix Super Simian Sphere, morph will be removed after right clicking aura.
[Marcelo] SmartAI creatures will move properly after spell interrupt.
[_Steven_] Heals won't crit against sitting players.
[_Steven_] Orgrimmar guards followup
[Marcelo] Implement large visibility for some creatures and gameobjects.
[Roxie] !BETA REALM! Reset CD's mana and hp at duel accept in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland.

Changelog #19 08/12/2019

[Omega] Game Moderation commands changes
[Omega] Game Moderation System changes
[Omega] Ticket System changes
[Omega] Punishment System changes
[Omega] Web Admin Panel integration, Part 1
[Omega] Minor quests fixes
[Omega] Database changes

Changelog #17 07/30/2019

[Omega] WG marks change fix
[Omega] Transfer - mage boost fix
[Omega] Transfer - JC fix
[Omega] Transfer - Warrior stances fix
[Omega] Transfer - Shaman totems fix
[Omega] Transfer - Hunter tame beast fix
[Omega] Refund system change
[Omega] Database updates
[Omega] GM system updates
[Omega] NPC corrections to movement

Changelog #16 07/17/2019

[Omega] Patch 3.2 launch. More info about fixes and changes on our forum and discord.

Changelog #15 07/10/2019

[Omega] Apply proper track spells after leaving cat form.
[Omega] Fix gap closer spells (charge, death grip) sometimes teleporting target instead of moving.
[Omega] Ith'rix the Harvester event.
[Omega] Don't apply level based resistance for binary spells.
[Omega] Prayer of Mending, Ancestral Awakening and Glyph of Holy Light won't target non-players.
[Omega] Remove clearcast auras on channeled spell cast, not on end of channel.
[Omega] Rewrite Apprentice Osterkilgr script.
[Omega] Blink improvements.
[Omega] Fix sometimes targeting allies with spells not working.
[Omega] Correction to runes sync.
[Omega] Improvements to Knockback mechanic.
[Omega] Further corrections to Knockback spells.
[Omega] Freya and Vezax will pull automatically.
[Omega] Remove minimum Death Grip range for PvP.
[Omega] Fix Eye of the Storm exploit.
[Omega] Save quest items for dungeon bosses.
[Omega] Corrections to Selin Fireheart encounter.
[Omega] Don't allow to attack invisible triggers.
[Omega] Don't transfer aggro to caster when controlling Eye of Kilrogg.
[Omega] Ensure that Auriaya sentries will aggro.
[Omega] Steelbreaker will now always get Electrical Charge on player death.
[Omega] Made anti-afk system on battlegrounds more lenient.
[Omega] Hexed or Polymorphed mobs won't attack their victim.
[Omega] Fix Savage Wands stats (author Bellzubab).
[Omega] Fix Epoch Hunter loot.
[Omega] Damage Shield (thorns, retribution aura etc.) won't put casters in combat.
[Omega] Fix Feral Charge dest calculation when targeting flying targets.
[Omega] Blink improvements.
[Omega] Improve knockback mechanic.

Changelog #14 06/11/2019

[Omega] Rework Battle for Undercity phasing, players shouldn't be stuck in capital cities without NPCs.
[Omega] Don't show event quests (exclamation mark above NPCs) when event isn't enabled.
[Omega] Rework some of the system related to npc flags.
[Omega] Don't allow to ride perm spawned gryphons in Wintergarde Keep.
[Omega] Properly scale SPELL_AURA_DAMAGE_SHIELD spells (Retribution Aura for example) with damage modifiers.
[Omega] Rewrite blink dest calculation.
[Omega] Fix evading spells with vanish sometimes not working.

Changelog #13 06/05/2019

[Omega] Fix crash when spectator is entering arena from outdoor pvp zone.
[Omega] Fix blood pool position in Blood is Thicker quest.
[Omega] Fix Seaforium Depth Charge sometimes failing because of combat (Bury those Cockroaches quest).
[Omega] Roanauk Icemist script corrections (shouldn't get stuck randomly).
[Omega] Players will auto attack when they have queued heroic strike/cleave and not enough rage for it.
[Omega] Vesperon aura (Twilight Torment) won't target pets.
[Omega] Explosive Trap damage won't be updated dynamically.
[Omega] Conflagrate delay reduced.
[Omega] Corrections to threat generated by Replenishment and Innervate.
[Omega] Properly update player data on restore.
[Omega] Corrections to chain pulling.
[Omega] Another try to fix arena frames
[Omega] Razorgore script rewrite.
[Omega] Fix Illidan elementals going crazy.
[Omega] Fix event after 'The Love Potion' quest.
[Omega] Fix for dissapearing pets.
[Omega] Fix Savagery proccing on other spells than Savage Rend.
[Omega] Fix Glyph of Scourge strike not refreshing all three diseases sometimes.
[Omega] Correct spawns for "The Echo of Ymiron" quest.
[Omega] Add missing Stormjewel drop from fishing bags.
[Omega] Fix RaF mob xp when one person dies.
[Omega] Fix deleting two items in same slot when new one appears after deleting first one.

Changelog #13 05/29/2019

[Omega] Fix teleport to graveyard when alliance player dies in Undercity.
[Omega] Fix Petrified Lichen Guard dot trigger.
[Omega] Death Grip will now work properly in water.
[Omega] Death Grip won't be useable in air.
[Omega] Implement chain pull mechanic.
[Omega] Anzu script rewrite.
[Omega] Druid will maintain momentum when leaving flying form in air.
[Omega] Feral Spirit will now save autocast data in pet bar.
[Omega] Implement core support for stock-exchange.

Changelog #11 05/24/2019

[Omega] Fix for the arena frames bug that surfaced again when we enabled Cross-faction Battlegrounds.
[Omega] Another try at implementing the "damage based on pet happiness" fix for Hunters.
[Omega] The groundwork for the Stock Exchange, which we'll be testing the following days to make sure it works well enough to release it widely.
[Omega] A nerf to Thorim's HP nerf that turned out to be a half-buff, half-nerf. We're nerfing the half-buff part. Thorim should then be properly full-nerfed, but only his Hard Mode Half

Changelog #10 05/22/2019

[Omega] (̶#̶1̶7̶1̶)̶ ̶H̶u̶n̶t̶e̶r̶:̶ ̶S̶t̶a̶n̶d̶a̶r̶d̶ ̶p̶e̶t̶ ̶a̶t̶t̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶b̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶f̶f̶e̶c̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶b̶y̶ ̶P̶e̶t̶ ̶H̶a̶p̶p̶i̶n̶e̶s̶s̶/̶U̶n̶h̶a̶p̶p̶i̶n̶e̶s̶s̶ ̶f̶i̶x̶e̶d̶
[Omega] (#169) Hunter: Eyes of the bast & pet interaction fixed
[Omega] (#153) World: Fixed Essence of Wintergrasp in Camp E'thok
[Omega] (#151) The Nexus: Intense Cold now correctly gets removed from pets on movement (Keristrasza encounter)
[Omega] (#142) Ulduar: Hordes should Not be able to attack the NPC Brann
[Omega] (#126) The Nexus: Keristrasza fix for debuff fade.
[Omega] (#123) Ahn'Kahet: Fixed Ahn'kahar Guardian immunity spread in Ahn'kahet
[Omega] (#117) Druid: Fix for feral PvP druid set bonus movement
[Omega] (#106) PvP: Reduced combat stop timer to the correct 5 seconds (was 6)
[Omega] (#97, #40) Rogue: Fixed the Cheap Shot "free auto-attack from creature" bug
[Omega] (#79) Item: Mind Amplification Dish corrections.
[Omega] (#60) Strand Of The Ancients: Demolishers should be immune to any kind of shields.

Changelog #9 04/27/2019

[Omega] Ulduar launch
[Omega] Vault of Archavon's second boss will launch
[Omega] The arena reset

Changelog #8 04/03/2019

[Omega] Transmogrification Tokens added to the store

Changelog #7 04/01/2019

[Omega] Tomorrow morning we will implement a few changes to combat the gold selling spam: You will need to be at least level 20 OR have a level 80 on your account (which will allow you to whisper on alts regardless of level) to be able to whisper.* *This also affects /say chat When sending mail, the receiver will need to have you on his Friends list to receive the mail, unless you have a level 80 on your account.

Changelog #6 03/31/2019

[Omega] Tomorrow morning we will implement a few changes to combat the gold selling spam: You will need to be at least level 20 OR have a level 80 on your account (which will allow you to whisper on alts regardless of level) to be able to whisper.* *This also affects /say chat When sending mail, the receiver will need to have you on his Friends list to receive the mail, unless you have a level 80 on your account.

Changelog #5 03/30/2019

[Omega] OmegaDB launch:

Changelog #5 03/23/2019

[Omega] Today new Discord Help Centre has been introduced. Please read #deleted-channel in order to know how to use it. Old Help category will be archived soon. Also you can now use -report @user command in order to report his behaviour on discord channel to our staff. Hope that this will make our discord more user friendly.

Changelog #4 03/22/2019

[Omega] Naxramas bosses changes (described on forum)

Changelog #3 03/15/2019

[Omega] Naxramas bosses changes (described on forum)

Changelog #2 03/03/2019

Shop Changes:
[Omega] Bancontact ( Mistercash ) - Belgium [Omega] SafetyPay - Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama , Peru
[Omega] GiroPay - Germany
[Omega] Klarna. ( Sofort Bank Transfer) - Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland
[Omega] iDeal - Netherlands
[Omega] Mint - American Samoa, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Cook Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Fiji, Finland, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea (Republic of), Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Martinique, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niue, Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Norway, Oman, Palau, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Pitcairn, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Reunion, Romania, Russia, Saint Helena, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Pierre and Miquelon, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Turks and Caicos Islands, Tuvalu, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Virgin Islands (U.K.),Wallis and Futuna Islands

Changelog #1 03/02/2019

[Omega] Cross-faction Auction House has been enabled
[Omega] LFS (Looking for Something) channel added
[Omega] Teleportation feature added to the shop
[Omega] PvP events