Eternium Code of Conduct

In-Game Code of Conduct

Last Update: 21.03.2020


  1. The use of ANY kind of hack, whether is be a speed, flying, wall, teleporting, client injection, dbc editing, using unauthorized 3rd party programs (most add-ons excluded), of an exploit hack or ANYTHING ELSE a regular player wouldn’t be able to do is not allowed. Ban time: PERMANENT.
  2. If you choose to use any manner of modified client (Client with WOD models, or one that changes models into cars etc.) is not bannable, however if the game automatically bans you because of this choice, the ban cannot be appealed.
  3. If you discover an exploit on the server (for example mobs respawning unnaturally fast, resulting in being able to amass gold at alarming rates, or an item that has brokenly overpowered effects, or an item that lets you fly around the Vanilla world or lets you fight while mounted when it shouldn’t) your responsibility is to immediately report it to the Eternium staff. Continuously exploiting the bug can result anywhere from a 7-day ban to a PERMANENT one.
  4. Making false reports on our ticket system, forum or Discord to get another person muted or banned will be followed by a permanent ban from our server. We will not tolerate this kind of manipulative behaviour.
  5. Multiboxing is not allowed in any instance. Multiboxing will generally result in one of the accounts being perma-banned. By multiboxing we mean having two or more accounts logged in at the same time by the same person and used for leveling, dungeon runs, raids, PvP etc. Dual-logging is allowed. Dual-logging is a term we use to describe when you are logged on two accounts, but doing completely different activities on each one, such as: leveling on one account, whilst checking the Auction House or trading on the other.
  6. Botting is forbidden and will result in permanent bans on all accounts and IPs.
  7. Gold selling, account selling and donation selling is forbidden and will result in permanent bans on all accounts and IPs. Advertising any of these things on any channel in-game is not allowed. If you get scammed from one of these actions (meaning you didn’t report it), we will not be able to help you recover the scammed property.
  8. Excessively spamming another player’s in-game mailbox will be punished.
  9. Making the server crash on purpose through a bugged quest, NPC interaction or a third party program will result in a ban.
  10. Advertising other websites and servers with the intention to lure people away from Eternium, but keep in mind that this is a very thin line. It is best to think about it for a while, before saying something about another server;
  11. Offensive character names. Up to the Game Master to judge the offensiveness of the name. (This rule has a 1 time warning system, we allow you one chance to change your character name into something not disturbing/offensive; if we continue to see inappropriate character names on the account, the account will get closed. No discussion possible, of course).
  12. Offensive guild names. (this may vary from things like ‘WaffenSS’ to ‘Double Penetration’). will be punished by being manually renamed by the staff or disbanding of the guild and thus the loss of the guild bank (including items);
  13. It is not in your best interest to be disrespectful, rude, or threatening to the staff in ANY capacity, whether it be in-game, on the forum, or on Discord. This will either result in long mutes or a ban.

Side Note: Any punishment that can be applied to an IP address as well, are applied to an IP address and not only to a character or an account. This means that if you share your IP address with other people, for instance when you live in the same house with someone else who plays on Eternium or when you play at a local internet cafe, you risk getting your accounts closed as well when another person on the same IP address gets banned. Therefore, we strongly advise never to share your IP address with other people, but if that is simply not possible then be very sure you can trust those other people with your IP address. Either way, in case of a permanent ban you can never use the excuse that it was someone else on your IP address who violated the rules, period!

Chat (applies to the forum as well as Discord):

  1. Eternium’s official language is English. Thus, when speaking on public channels (World Chat, Looking for Something, and all sections of the forum and Discord which are not language-specific), speaking in a language other than English will result in a mute. Being muted several times for not respecting this rule will eventually result in a ban.
  2. Using macros, 3rd party programs, add-ons, or anything else to create flood or to produce different colors in the following chat types is forbidden: /say, /yell, /party, /raid, /bg and all the official channels: world, general, trade, etc. It is misleading, annoying and could potentially lead to impersonating a Gamemaster (highly forbidden); It is also forbidden to use colors in guild names.
  3. It’s forbidden to make the infamous “Anal Jokes” on Official Chat Channels in-game. Official Chat Channels are: General, Trade Chat, Local Defense,World Chat. Looking for Something. “Anal Jokes” are defined by saying anal and linking spells, items or talents that “fit well” with it. Example: “Anal [Stomp]” or “Anal [Charge];
  4. Double posting (flooding), spamming is not allowed on the World Chat, Looking for Something, Trade Chat and the General Chat Channels;
  5. Cursing (using foul, rude language) is strictly forbidden on official chat channels (Trade, General Chat Channels, World, Looking for Something).
  6. Excessive cursing / harassment / bullying / shit-talking against other players is also strictly forbidden in the following channels: Trade, General Chat Channels, World, Looking for Something). If you are the victim of harassment, your first action is to /ignore the person harassing you. If harassment continues (usually from the person’s alts) on ANY public channel (World. General Chat Channels, Trade, Looking for Something, /say, /yell, /e) as well as /whisper and the following chat channels (in the instance that you are part of them at that very moment) /bg, /party, /raid, you are then to report the harasser to Noxious. Punishment for this can be anywhere from a long mute to a PERMANENT ban.
  7. Excessive cursing / harassment / bullying / shit-talking between guilds on ANY public channel (World, General Chat Channels, Trade, Looking for Something, /say, /yell) is heavily frowned upon and could result in several mutes. This is a common problem that slowly builds up, so if at first we take no action against it, it does not mean we condone it. We do not wish to police every conversation on the server, but will step in when it gets out of hand. If your guild / guild-mates are being harassed on any of these chats (examples include calling people autistic, and other cheap shit-talk), responding in a similar manner will potentially result in you getting muted too. This rule also applies to whispering said guild members with guild-related harassment. Report such incidents (with plenty of screenshots) to Noxious. Before you start bashing other players, ask yourself if you would say these things in front of your mother.
  8. Kicking / muting / banning players from official chat channels (exhaustively listed above) while having the “Owner” or “Moderator” rank for them or setting up a password for these channels will result in a ban.
  9. Excessive use of caps on ANY public channel is forbidden.
  10. Spamming pictures such as ASCII art or “flashbang” [email protected] will result in hefty mutes.
  11. It is HIGHLY forbidden to impersonate a member of the staff, and even another player, by pretending to be someone other than yourself in ANY channel (including the forum and Discord). Punishment will result in either a forced rename, character deletion or even a permanent ban depending on the case.
  12. It is HIGHLY forbidden to strike fear in the heart of other players by threatening them with bans because “you know someone from the staff” or because you are “irl friends with the owner”. Such actions will result in a permanent ban.
  13. Last but not least (and tying in the several of the rules listed above), it is highly forbidden to spout racist, sexist, misogynistic, nationalist, anti-religious, name-calling, sleazy, or highly sexual remarks on any public channel. This rule extends into /whisper if the harasser continues doing it after he has been /ignored, or if he takes to bashing the person who /ignored them on a public channel.

Player versus Player:

  1. Win-trading in arena is strictly forbidden. We have logs. Win-trading results in a permanent ban.
  2. Win-trading in Battlegrounds is strictly forbidden too.
  3. Using third-party programs which give any manner of advantage, however minor, such as GCD removal, key-pressers, programs which automate any part of the game (such as auto-healing without pressing any buttons), “scripting” and so on will result in a permanent ban.
  4. Excessive griefing (such as camping the auctioneers in capital cities for days on end, or camping any area of the game and logging on just to pop cooldowns and quickly kill something then disappear in a queue or quickly ALT+F4) is heavily frowned upon and might result in a temporary ban (on a case-by-case basis).
  5. AFK-ing/not participating on purpose in Battlegrounds [you are in] will result in a 1-day ban.

Player versus Environment:

  1. Asking to be kicked out of an RDF party is punishable. If you ask to be kicked, and after three minutes, you have not left the dungeon in one way or the other, you will be temporarily banned. Random Dungeon Finder offers players bonus rewards an increase in damage, health and healing as a trade-off for not being able to pick the dungeon you end up in. If you don’t get the dungeon you want, leave the party and wait for the Deserter debuff to expire. Please submit print-screens of the game with chat timestamps activated or the report will be discarded!
  2. Kicking players from a dungeon without a damn good reason (such as them asking for it to circumvent the deserter debuff) is punishable. Exceptions will be added to this rule as they are discovered. The validity of the kick will be at the GM’s discretion. Report an unlawful kick with substantial evidence.
  3. Ninja-ing in RDF is not allowed.
  4. Raid leaders have the responsibility to announce loot rules (DKP, Loot Council, reserved loot etc.) before engaging the first boss of the instance. If the raid leader does not announce the rules, it is your responsibility to ask them to do so in the raid chat.

    If the raid leader still does not announce the rules, then we will see the raid loot rules as Need(Mainspec)>Offspec>Greed/Disenchant by default when dealing with potential ninja reports from that group. This means that if you are the raid leader, and you do not announce loot rules in advance of the first boss being engaged, then you send an item into a player’s bag without Need>Offspec>Greed/Disenchant, it will count as ninja-ing.

    To keep things as secure as possible, I urge everyone (especially the raid leader) to take uncropped screenshots that show the loot rules being explained in the chat log.

Approaching Game Masters:

When making a ticket (or DM-ing a staff member on Discord), always make sure you contain a detailed description of your problem. Always ask around on the public channels first to see if other community members have a solution or answer to your problem. In case of a bugged quest, spell/talent, NPC or item, file a detailed report on the issue tracker following guidelines. Game Masters are not developers. They can’t fix your bug. They are also busy enough as it is and will not report the bug for you.

If a ticket contains no details, but instead it contains things like, but not limited to, “HALP!”, “Need to talk to GM”, they may be deleted without answers. Abusing ticket system by creating multiple tickets from same account or accounts in the same party group will result in temporary ban.

Be respectful to Game Masters. They spend their free time in the interest of helping our community. Never bother a Game Master, or any staff member, when they are playing on their own regular characters. Game Masters are only there to offer their help when they are on their Game Master character.

A Gamemaster’s presence on the forum or Discord does not imply that he/she is in-game and it most certainly does not mean that he will instantly log in to help you. Be patient and/or go play another character with an open ticket until there is a Game Master available. Do not start sending PMs randomly/massively to Gamemasters and Administrators that you see online on the forum or Discord.

You are not allowed to ask Game Masters for the following (tickets will simply be deleted and not addressed):

  1. Levels
  2. Profession skill-ups
  3. Items
  4. Teleportation
  5. Money
  6. Talent points
  7. Server restarts
  8. Server kicks
  9. Bug fixes
  10. Information about other players such as their account name, IP, last login, location, wealth etc.
  11. Help with being boosted in a dungeon or raid.
  12. Submit a bug report in your stead.

If you’ve made it this far, please also take note that we will no longer be accepting abuse reports that include edited or cropped screenshots / print-screens. Only abuse reports with a full size print-screen will be accepted (preferably with time-stamps in the chat, and most importantly the calendar date showing)